Welcome to our seafood land .

About Us

Eating healthy and good quality seafood was one of the main goals , when we first started our journey in the seafood industry .

With our excellent experience and long lasting relations with our partners and clients , we are one of the leading fish and seafood export companies in USA and Europe.

We have the great ability to offer many different kinds of fish and seafood from Asia ,Canada,  South and North America . We are proud of being considered an excellent choice among those who value good food.

Our production is always done under the very strict inspection, making sure that every order is done according our customers request . We can also help to coordinate the transportation from the production department to the final destination.

We know that every client has different needs and specification , so we take every order very personally and do our best to meet every clients demand and request . We work in very honest and transparent way , which we consider crucial for our business .